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【N – speed citizen】 Girls are honest I do not care! Male complex thought "short stature" "hair" "educational background"

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1: [US] 2017/02/06 (Monday) 19: 54: 46.54 ● BE: 547841423 – PLT (23222) Point privilege

Anyone who has one or two complexes.
However, if you are conscious of it excessively, will not you give a good impression to women?

So this time, referring to a questionnaire to female readers of "Otome Goren", I will introduce "Complex 9 patterns of men who girls think" honestly do not care! "

【1】 Subtle "short stature" that does not reach 170 cm

"I do not mind anything if higher than myself" (female in his twenties)

etc. I think that if height has a certain height there is no problem There seems to be many girls.
Let's positively think that a person who tends to think that "I am not tall because I am less than 170 cm tall", "Is it better than most women?"

【2】 "Bangs forever" gradually retreating

"Who's cool parents are cool" (female in their twenties)

such as men's hair somewhat thin Some girls think that there is no influence.
In addition, it is better to avoid making a natural permanent straight hair, as the opinion that "I want you to forcibly make a heaven para straightforward" (woman in her twenties).

[3] It seems nonsensical to confront the number of past partners, such as fewer "number of contacts"

"really do not care" (women in their twenties)

And it seems.
What is important as a romantic experience is how much fulfilling time you have spent in a relationship period.
It is important to look back on the experiences you can make use of from your past love affairs to your present relationship.


Let's discuss the death penalty because it is leisure


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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -
注意:この記事は、記事引用元から自動投稿されています。 記事の最後に引用元が記されています。 引用元リンクをクリックすると、記事引用元に移動します。

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