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【Sad news】 Expert "When reducing saccharide too much, it will become a fat body."

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"How to reduce visceral fat without reducing the amount to eat" was found!

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Top priority is energy securing

What is a meal with a good nutrition balance in the first place? To eat a lot of vegetables? I tend to think that, what should we improve from what?

"The priority in ordering nutritional balance is first of all energy is secured.The only thing that turns into energy is the three major nutrients, Protein, Lipid, Carbohydrate (* 1), Other nutrients without energy Micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals function effectively when the three major nutrients are well-balanced "(Mr. Kojima)

Recently, we restricted carbohydrates to make it lose weight Many people are, but Kojima recommends taking 60% of the total energy of the meal with sugar.
* 1 Carbohydrate = saccharide + dietary fiber (carbohydrate is energy to become carbohydrate)

Reasons why this should be taken

"When the carbohydrate of the meal is reduced too much, the body scrapes the muscle to remove protein I will make sugar from energy and make it energy, then my muscles will decrease and the basal metabolism will go down and it will become a fat body.While we lose weight with sugar restriction, the reduced content includes not only fat but also muscle It is easy to rebound because it is easy to rebound. "(Mr. Kojima)

Also, since people get a feeling of fullness by taking a meal and getting a blood sugar level, blood glucose levels rise unless sugar is taken It is said that satiety becomes hard to obtain. Mr. Kojima points out that it will also cause factors for overeating.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -
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