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Soybean meat "Mystery meat" effect! What? "Meat of the field" on the stage stage "thanks to Nissin Foods"

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Vegetarians and others were only recognized as " Soybean meat ", the era when seeing the eyes came. With the announcement of "Mystery Meat" of cup noodles as an opportunity, it became major at once in a stroke as "it was good at home". High protein and low calorie, soybean calcium and isoflavone, which is said to be "field meat" from olden days, has abundant nutrition, and the burden on the environment is lower than that of meat. Appearance and texture also approaches the real thing, men and women who are friendly to people and the earth are increasing in numbers! What? (Akiko Shigematsu)

Nissin Foods is a manga of a special site commemorating the 46th anniversary of the world's first cup noodle "cup noodle" on sale in September, revealing that the identity of "mystery meat" is soy meat . For details, soybeans are used as the main ingredient, pork and vegetables are mixed and freeze-dried processed.

"Founder Ando Momofuku handcrafted himself in the kitchen and taught that it had seasoned. Although it has been included since the initial release, it has been called" mystery meat "on the net from ten years ago , I revealed that I can eat more securely by revealing "mystery", he said.

It is said that the attention to "vegetable protein", which is more productive than animal, as a response to population explosion and food problems in developing countries is gaining worldwide attention. It seems that even part of the company's "Donbu" "Cup Mesh" series uses soybean meat.

"Nissin Foods san began to hit the presence of the shade," says Tominaga Tominaga (31), a Fuji Oil marketing group researching soybean meat nearly half a century . "Soybean meat that has been used for many years to improve ham and sausage ties, hamburger steak, etc. Although it was a niche product behind it, society has caught up," he points out.

"Millennial generation like me (the adult generation in the early 2000s) is highly conscious of health and global environmental issues, and many people think that they want to reduce animal meals such as meat etc. In future "19659005] The company manufactures soybean meat close to each part of cow, pig, and chicken. It corresponds to different cooking such as for pork cutlet and grilled ginger. Meat fibers are reproduced by heat and pressure adjustment at the time of molding, and "Meat" is shipped according to the needs of wholesalers such as organic food companies, hotels in Tokyo and restaurants.

One of them, when asked "Konogaki's" Dance Cube · Cafe "in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, the seat was buried by a lunch such as a mother who was a child with a neighboring Tawaman.

Curry and taco rice contain ground minced soybeans. When you bite the frit, there is a feeling of bouncy like chicken thigh meat, you do not feel soybean stiffness. On the contrary, do you taste the meat?

Mihiro Yanaga, general chef chef (53), prepares red and wine, soy sauce, ginger and garlic, spices and so on in the juice that returns the dried soy meat.

This cafe is a studio with ballet equipment "Chacot", which has adopted soybean meat since the opening in Heisei 20.

"A perfect food ingredient that you can squeeze your weight while holding the muscles that you want, calorie can be kept at about a quarter of beef and half of chicken thighs," Kinji Yoshida General Manager (50) explained . Course dishes (7 items 3240 yen) using soy meat and soymilk cream are the most popular menu and 90% are female customers. "I will increase the new menu this spring, so I want people who are concerned about health to come to eat".

Marukome has commercialized soybean meat three years ago and currently sells 16 items at supermarkets and drug stores. This month, we are trying to disseminate to home, such as releasing soybean ground meat "Mabo tofu noodle" that can be cooked simply by adding tofu.

The production and shipment volume of soybean meat in Japan increased by approximately 20% (Japan Plant Protein Food Association) from five years ago.

Health promotion campaign 'Health Japan 21' promotes recommending 100 grams of beans, including soybeans, a day, but if it is "grilled meat" or "fried". I am going to be with Berry! What?

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