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A dramatic increase in those who take health foods on a daily basis and become unhealthy

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1: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (Hokkaido) [BR] 2018/03/26 (Monday) 15: 43: 03.87 ID: vmXqoIu60 BE: 422186189-PLT (12015)
"The Japanese Society of Hepatology has approved about 10 years ago, We conducted a
survey of drug-induced liver injury due to "not a medicine received at a hospital." Drug-induced liver damage is that the liver is damaged by literally taking medications etc. [19659004] The result of this survey was a variety of causes, but the most common cause was turmeric.
Drug-induced liver injury due to turmeric is 24.8% of the total (* 2).
In recognition of this, the recognition that it is better to be careful about turmeric among liver specialists has settled, "[Mr. Asa]

["19459008]  no title

" In this survey, three death cases were also reported
One of them died from acute hepatitis caused by turmeric into multiple organ dysfunction. "

According to a survey by the Japan Society of Hepatology, among people who developed drug-induced liver injury , [91459007] 91% of people regularly used private medicines and health foods, mostly used every day.

In addition, the use period until onset was about 160 days on average, but 23.6% also occurred within 30 days.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -
注意:この記事は、記事引用元から自動投稿されています。 記事の最後に引用元が記されています。 引用元リンクをクリックすると、記事引用元に移動します。

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