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【Impact w】 The taste of Ramen Jiro's taste was related to Snow Brand wwwwww

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Love in all over Japan Ramen shop being "Ramen Jiro". Rich thick rice soup, Yasai of Shakijaki, Extremely thick noodles made with cucumber, and extremely thick pig (Chashaw), a ramen shop that has gained popularity at all points.

· The gift that was born just by cutting down the life
Such a soup of ramen Jiro was created by the ramen Jiro Mita main store's father repeating every trial and error, truly devastated life. However, the taste turned out to be the birth of all the people 's advice, gathering those wisdom.

– Employees of food manufacturer "Snow Brand" advise
According to Mr. Katsuya Wakabayashi who gained tremendous support as shop owner of Ramen Jiro Meguro store, employees of food manufacturer "Snow Brand" early in the opening of ramen Jiro He advised his father and said that he finished in the current taste of youth uke.

· When Yukinobu employees say "OYAJI can also put this in?"
Saijuku single dormitory that was near the store when Ramen Jiro opened shortly. Snow Brand employees living there gave advice to his father "How about putting a foyer too?" It was also found that he received advice from several people, including other wife of a Chinese restaurant.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -
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