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What is the cause of "bird eye (trimmei)" at night that my eyesight falls?

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My eyesight goes down at night … what is the cause of birds? | Nifty news

The illness which makes the vision drop off suddenly in the dark place or at night becomes "night blindness" (called "night blindness").

It is commonly called "bird eye".

I think that there are many people who have heard of it.

This time we will explain the symptoms, causes, and treatment of "birds" whose vision declines when it gets dark.
Night blindness: disorder of dark adaptation

When moving from a bright place to a dark place, even if it can not be seen well at the beginning, it gets used to the dark with the passage of time and the surrounding situation gradually becomes visible.

This phenomenon
It is called "dark adaptation (Anshunnan)"


Imagine what happened when you entered a tunnel or movie theater.

On the contrary, when suddenly coming from a dark place to a bright place, eyes gradually become accustomed even if it is dazzling at first and it does not look.

This is
It is "light adaptation"


Night blindness (bird's eye) is a visual illness that occurs because the function of "dark adaptation" does not work well.

So, when you move to a dark place not only in the evening but in the daytime, night blindness symptoms appear.

Because it seems normal at a bright place, there are many things that night blindness does not notice, and in particular cases there are cases in which discovery is delayed in the case of children.

Adults around me may wonder "Does not it make it hard to see if it gets dark?"

In addition, the degree of night blindness is diverse, from people who are used to eyes to those who are gradually getting dark little by little, people who can not see at all.
Congenital and acquired night blindness

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -
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