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  Mushroom reporter φ ★ </span> 2018/04/15 (Sunday) 02: 21: 30.67 ID: CAP_USER 9 </div>
<div style= Actress Eriko Sato (36) is an NHK continuous television novel I found out that it will appear from the third week (16th to 21st)
at "Half, blue" (Monday – Saturday before 8.0) on 14th.
"Satoeli" morning drama appeared for the first time in 17 years since "Churasan" in the first half of 2001. This time it is time to show off "body con", it seems to call up a topic.

Mr. Dora's 98th movie, actress Yukinaga Nagano (18) acts as a heroine.
Fuji Television "Straight Fucked Up" "Long Vacation" "One Hill of a Star Falling From the Sky" and TBS "Say I Love You"
"Beautiful Life" "Orange Days" and many other masterpieces The original script of Mr. Etsuko Kitagawa (56), a hit maker who calls "The Love Story God".

On the stage of Gifu prefecture and Tokyo, Lennon Suzumuya who was disappointed from his left ear when he was sick (From the end of the period of high economic growth
rushing through the modern seventh successive times, Draw a figure to accomplish.

Nagano appeared from the third week after childhood when child performances enthralled a topic.
In 1989, in the midst of the bubble, heroine · Suzu Ai and Childhood Familiar · Rits (Ken Sato) became third graders of high school.

Satoeli plays to build a theme park in Gifu / Tsuchimachi where Suzumiya lives
Hitoshi Ogura, an employee of a resort development company in Tokyo. I wrap myself in a fashion "body control" emphasizing the body line symbolizing the bubble period.
Attention is gaining attention also to the outstanding style of Satoeli.

January 2015, announcing marriage and pregnancy. The opponent was a 45-year-old Brazilian man at that time. In August, I gave birth to the first child.
16 years, starring in Fuji TV noon dora "Tears of Arash ~ We have tomorrow ~" and is returning.

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -
注意:この記事は、記事引用元から自動投稿されています。 記事の最後に引用元が記されています。 引用元リンクをクリックすると、記事引用元に移動します。

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