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【Sad news】 Outpatient species "Madara koula slug" Expanding to 7 prefectures in 1 way such as Kanto and Tohoku

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When it rains, goes out and suddenly sees the shadow in a figure slender Noticeable, to shiver. Many people are not good at slugs. However, there is an accident in such a "sunshine" world. Outpatient species are spreading their habitat in Japan. Assistant Professor Hiroko Ukuta of Kyoto University Graduate School of Science gathered information to investigate the expansion of European native Madara koula slugs. The actual situation is being exposed to the bottom of the white day.

Madara koula slug is characterized by mottle pattern like leopard and its body length reaches up to about 15 cm. In Japan, habitat was confirmed for the first time in Ibaraki prefecture in 2006, but there was no nationwide distribution survey. In January 16, Uchito assistant recruited sighting information by short sentence posting site (Twitter) and started distribution survey.

Approximately 300 pieces of information gathered by March 18. Together with the report, I found out that it lives in 7 prefectures in 1 street such as Kanto and Tohoku. It is unconfirmed in western Japan. Ukaido said, "Slugs are omnivorous and strong against cold, which proved to be wider than expected." It is said that there is a possibility that another slug may be expelled because it is a strong aggressive seed, and future distribution survey of all kinds is planned.

Uchito Assistant who continues to challenge the mystery of slugs. I think that attachment is deeply attached to slugs, "Originally I do not like slugs." She is not very good at bringing her face closer, he seems to be interested in researching invertebrates whose ecology is not well understood.



【Ikimono】 Huge slug of European origin (maximum 15 cm) 1 way 7 prefectures Expansion to Kyoto Daisuke Collection of sighting information

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -
注意:この記事は、記事引用元から自動投稿されています。 記事の最後に引用元が記されています。 引用元リンクをクリックすると、記事引用元に移動します。

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