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What were the results of "avenomics"?

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1: Nameless san @ Namida eyes. (19659002) 2018/06/07 (Thur.) 07: 02: 08.17 ID: QtAMepdn 0 BE: 837857943 – PLT (16930)
You've heard of course the policy of "Avenomics" . But what exactly are you doing and what kind of results are being produced?
Before that, those who understand what the future of Japan will be like may be a minority.

I do not hear much about bad stories of avenomics. Rather, I heard that the Nikkei Average is rising and new graduate recruitment is
seller market compared to several years ago when it was said that employment is the ice age. Although I do not realize much in my life, it is not only me
that I feel the air that is improving little by little.

■ What is "three arrows" that constitutes avenomics

Before I touch on the actual situation of avenomics analyzed based on various data and objective facts, I would like to review the outline of avenomics.
Avenomics is a collective term for policies called "three arrows", which are the following three things.

(1) Bold monetary policy
(2) Flexible fiscal policy
(3) Growth strategy to stimulate private investment

■ What did Avenomics bring to our consumers

As a result of the avenomics, did the Japanese economy improve? Unfortunately the results remain stagnant. Rather,
only the price has risen to a state of rising stagflation. In short, salary has not changed, only the price of goods is rising
It is the worst situation for us. Avenomics is the original purpose that the economic revitalization, wage rise and inflation rise almost simultaneously.
The achievements that we had hoped for before the avenomics have not come up yet.


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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -
注意:この記事は、記事引用元から自動投稿されています。 記事の最後に引用元が記されています。 引用元リンクをクリックすると、記事引用元に移動します。

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