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【Netherlands】 <image> Welcome to "Ship of the cat" We covered 50 communal lives

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1: Shimizu ★ 2018/06/08 (Fri) 08: 13: 57.24 ID: CAP_USER.net
There are various small and large boats on and around the canal of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands
Among them, the ship specialized for cats "Pujenboat (meaning a cat in the Netherlands)".

Here is the world's only water animal sanctuary. About 50 lorries and abandoned cats live on this ship.
There are 17 cats already living here for several years.

"Some new cats come in, others have got cats."
Muhammad Muheisen says so, he is a photographer who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize twice.
I stayed in Amsterdam for a week in 2018 and interviewed Pugend Boat. Most cats are hybrids, but
a Persian Cat in it was attracting attention.


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http://natgeo.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/photo/17/c/060700017/ph_02. jpg


http://natgeo.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/gallery/060700270/ph_04.jpg [19659004] http://natgeo.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/gallery/060700270/ph_thumb.jpg




http: //natgeo.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/gallery/060700270/ph_09.jpg


http: // natgeo.nikkeibp.co.jp/atcl/gallery/060700270/ph_11.jpg


http: // natgeo. National Geographic, Inc. Japanese version site

3: Nanashi of the Seven Seas 2018/06/08 (Friday

6: Nameless of the Seven Seas 2018/06/08 (Fri) 08: 45: 57.26 ID: vI8ns0Rp.net [19659003] Amstel Canal, you can freeze in the winter and skatelink, do not you?
Winter seems to be cold

8: Anonymous Seven Seas 2018/06/08 (Fri) 09: 22: 36.43 ID: iXOOO0zH.net
Deep sea with a cat submarine I'd like to live with a cat at

15: Nanashi of the Seven Seas 2018/06/08 (Fri) 10: 25: 23.04 ID: ODpA 0 POL.net
Shooting game Parodius's Cat Battleship's face Is it a model?

16: Anonymous Seven Seas 2018/06/08 (Fri) 11: 08: 43.55 ID: rLOaIH1K.net
About Muko-sama Photos
No matter how naughty it is I can not stand w

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -
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